Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blackberry crumble and the wind picks up

Chris picked some blackberries off the plot so I made a delicious crumble. Here's how the allotment's looking:

We went for a bike ride up a large hill near where we live - it was a great view but it was a four hour ride and my bum was really sore when we got home. We spotted some magic mushrooms on our travels!  We also spotted some non-magic ones (pictured):

I completely cocked up the owlings glove I was making, but I think I've learnt from my mistakes, which will help me when I make the owl jumper.

The remnants of hurricane Katia arrived on Monday night and I was a bit worried about the greenhouses, but luckily they survived without any damage.

I was featured on the intranet at work, talking about how I volunteer at the shop and how other people should volunteer too. Though it would be some good free publicity.

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