Wednesday, 11 August 2010

14 owls off the flea market for £1 - with a free badger!

We finally went to see Toy Story 3D on Saturday afternoon - I loved it, I though the 3D effects were cool, and the story was enjoyable.  I didn't like Lotso though - I thought he was a nasty baddie!  But I thought Ken was funny, and I liked Tom Hanks as Woody.

We come home and had an allotment tea of sausage, mash and onion gravy.  I stayed off the booze though because I drank too much on Wednesday night.  I had some white wine at my Mum's followed by a beer at the allotment, then a quick brandy, and then we went to Asda and I bought a bottle of tequila and had a couple of shots of that (to see what it tasted like), so I felt a bit off on Thursday at work.  I can't hack mid-week drinking anymore.

I picked 4 vases full of beautiful sweet peas.

The rogue nasturtium that self seeded in a metal tube in the paving in our back garden has flowered.

On Saturday night I watched Tomb Raider, which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  I started knitting some leg warmers using the Noro Kureyon 161 yarn.  I got the first one finished but I wasn't overjoyed with the colours of the wool, as they don't look as good as they did in the Noro Mini Knits pattern book, but I'll still be making the other leg warmer to match, and if they don't grow on me I can always give them away as a Christmas present.  They're wool, so they'll be nice and warm and I guess that's all that matters.

Speaking of wool, I've been wondering if wool production is sheep-friendly?  I hope so, otherwise I'll be switching to non-animal fibres.  I do use Patons Eco Wool Chunky so I would hope this considers the animal's welfare during production.

On Sunday morning I forced myself out of bed (reluctantly) and went to the flea market.  I saw some cute owl ornaments for sale, and there was a tiny little one I liked, so I asked how much it was and the lady said 5p, so I said how much for them all and she said £1, which seemed a cheap price for 14 owls, so I bought them!  I even got a free badger.

I also got some 'so naff they're cool' birthday cards for 30p.

Then we went to Wilkinson and the Johnsons seeds were reduced by 75% so I bought quite a few packets for next year, including some tomato seeds, pepper seeds and some giant onion seeds.  I got loads for only £6.  Bargain!

I also got 2 cool notepads and an owl pen from Wilkinsons.

I tried to find some info about ethical high street fashion stores but I couldn't find any info on Google, which seems strange, as I can't be the only person who has concerns about the treatment of people who make clothing for high street stores.  I know American Apparel is sweat shop free, but their clothes are expensive and the quality isn't always that great.  I got a hoody dress from them last year and the pocket seam split open after a few wears.

I'm currently in a dilemma about which course to start in September.  I've applied for the degree in Ecology and Conservation Management, but I'm now considering opting for a computing/web design course, as I think this will give me better career options, but I haven't found a suitable part time course yet.  So the search continues...

I change my mind nearly as often as I change my underwear!

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