Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Live on Radio Lancashire again!

You can see the seasons beginning to change down on the allotment.

The marrow's getting yellower.

I took a photo of the half moon from behind the passion flower plant.

On Saturday I tidied up at the allotment ready for Radio Lancashire's visit on Sunday.  I made two trips to the tip with empty old, rotten compost bags that my Dad had stashed down the side of the shed.

Chris worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday renovating the shed.  It's already looking miles better, he's cladded the inside with wood, so it looks a bit like a log cabin or a chalet.  I can't wait for it to be finished.  It'll be our little home from home on the plot.  We could even sleep there if we fancied spending a night on the allotment.  We're going to put a chair in there, and get a heater and a camping stove.

Radio Lancashire came to the allotments on Sunday.  It rained really heavy all day.  I arrived down there just after 11am and Lynne had already erected the gazebo at the far end of the allotment path.  Inside the gazebo were hot cups of tea and a table full of the Jacob's Join food that people had brought to share.  I had a large slice of Lynne's cake and a cup of tea.  My Mum came for the first part too, but left after about an hour because it was really cold.  Christina said we could pick some of her apples, so I got a bag full of bramleys and eating apples.  I need some bramleys to make tomato chutney.  I wasn't planning on being interviewed again, but the radio DJ Stephen Lowe asked me, so I said yes.  He started off at the top of the site and he made his way through the different plots, mainly looking inside people's sheds and greenhouse in an attempt to escape the wet weather.  When Stephen finally made it to my allotment he talked about my chilli plants, and his soundman tried one of my Ring of Fire chillies, which he thought was pretty hot.  He also said my peach tree has got peach leaf curl, and that it needs spraying with Bordeaux mix in January.  Stephen said our allotment was one of the best he's seen for people in their first year of 'growing it alone', and Lynne agreed that my Dad would have been proud of our efforts.

You can listen to the radio show for a limited time here.

The rain was relentless all day, I was wearing a crappy kagool, and by the time I got home I was soaked right down to my vest.   I've asked Chris if he'll get me a waterproof coat for my birthday, because I definitely need one for winter.

Weekend seemed to fly by and I don't really have that much to report.  We watched a new Doors documentary on Sunday night, which I enjoyed.  It gave a new perspective on Jim Morrison aka Mr Mojo Risin (it's an anagram of Jim Morrison).

I took some photos in the back garden, where the flowers are still growing strong, especially the nasturtium, nicotiana and sunflowers.

Now that the weather is turning colder (and after that cold wet day on Sunday) my thoughts are turning to knitting warm and cosy hats and gloves, starting off with a pair of fingerless mitts for me, then lots of Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I love Ravelry.  I used to struggle to find knitting patterns using Google, but since I've joined Ravelry I've been spoilt for choice.  You can even choose to search for patterns by yarn weight which is very handy if you've got a ball of yarn but don't know what to do with it.

Something funny happened with my Mum's pet cockatiel Toby.  It turns out Toby is actually a girl because she laid an egg!  Even though they've had the bird for years they never knew.  My Dad would have found that very funny.  My Mum's trying to think of a new name for her.

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