Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Save Rob McElwee! And my blistering heart.

On Friday afternoon I dropped off 2 large boxes full of nest boxes, insect hibernators and bird feeders at the shop. The external shop sign is up now and it looks ace.  The Shared Earth order had arrived too, and I had fun looking at all the fair trade gifts.  I chose my friend Nina a wood framed mirror and keyring as part of her birthday present.  The Faith in Nature order had arrived, and I bought a bar of chocolate soap which Chris thinks smells like chocolate cake.  The Bio-D cleaning products were there too.  Unfortunately the products are unscented which is a bit disappointing.  I presume it's more eco friendly not to use a scent, but I like my laundry and washing up to smell fresh.  I'll give it a try and see what I think.

I was flicking through Saturday's Guardian newspaper when I spotted a lovely photo of Rob McElwee doing his first weather forecast back in 1991.  Imagine my upset when I read that they're planning to get rid of my favourite TV weather forecaster!  I've emailed the Met Office to say that I am unhappy with their decision, and they got back to me straight away, which suggests I'm not the only person to get in touch.  There's a 'Save Rob McElwee' Facebook group, but I can't join as I'm not on Facebook.  It would be such a shame if he went.  He's made the weather much more exciting for me.  It's not that I fancy him or anything, it's just his love for snow and dramatic weather and the cheeky one liners he says at the end of the forecast.  Plus he explains how the weather works.  I hope they don't get rid of him.  Please save Rob McElwee!

On Saturday lunch time we went into town to see the video premiere of our friend's new video.  It's a project they've been working on for a few months, and it identifies people's favourite places in our town.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the allotment and picked all the green tomatoes (there wasn't as many as I'd hoped).  I also cut down the tomato plants ready for composting.  The bottom greenhouse looks really empty now, but the top greenhouse is still full of chillies and peppers.

We found a dead goldfinch at the allotment.  I don't know how it died.  We'll need to closely monitor the situation to ensure the birds aren't being harmed by the seeds or feeders.

After this I went home and picked the green tomatoes in the greenhouse at home (there was more tomatoes than I'd hoped - so I've got plenty to make chutney with).  I cleared out all the plants in the greenhouse and took them to the green compost bin.  This greenhouse also looks very empty now.

I keep spotting what I think is a dunnock in our back garden.  It's there quite a lot, hopping around beneath the terracotta pots looking for food.  I left it some bird seed on the plinth and the bird table.  I hope Steve French doesn't hurt it.  Chris has seen a robin in the back garden, so I told him robins love to eat mature cheddar cheese, so he's going to leave some cheese out for them.

On Sunday night we went to a local Italian restaurant called Checco's for my friend Nina's birthday.  I ordered a Mexican garlic bread (tomato, onion, chilli and garlic - delicious).  For my main course I had spaghetti al tonno, which was good, but a bit salty.  For dessert I ordered hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream.  All washed down with a large glass of expensive but not very good red wine.  It was too thin and tasteless for my liking and it cost £4.70 per glass.  What a rip off!

On Monday night after work I went to the shop to set up the gardening section.  I'm really pleased with how it looks.  It's mainly wildlife products, but I'm waiting until spring 2011 before we order in veg seeds and organic gardening products.

Here's a photo I took of the shop tonight.  We're using real leaves in the window display!

The weather has been very dry recently.  This morning it was -0.5 degrees centigrade outside, and the car had a medium layer of frost on the windscreen.  It's certainly starting to feel colder.  The cold always inspires me to knit, and I started a new pair of fingerless gloves last night, using Patons eco wool chunky seagull coloured wool.  I'm using double pointed needles (DPNs) as I hate having to sew things together afterwards, and using DPNs means I can knit a tube rather than a flat shape.  I've gone freehand with the pattern, just a basic 2x2 rib around the cuffs and the rest is in stockinette stitch.  Another benefit of using DPNs is that you don't have to do alternate knit and purl rows to create stockinette stitch, you just knit all the stitches which makes things easier, because you don't have to think about what you're doing - you just knit!  Patons eco wool chunky is so lovely to knit with and I'm using 6mm bamboo DPNs that I bought off eBay, because no-one stocked that size of DPNs locally.  The gloves were meant to be a Christmas gift for someone, but they already look so lovely I might have to keep them for myself!

I burnt my finger on my hair straighteners.  I only touched them for a second but it burnt like hell.  But I did end up with a cool heart shaped blister.

Finally I wanted to pay homage to one of my favourite TV shows when I was a child.  It was called Cockleshell Bay and I think it's why I have a fondness for the seaside and sand dunes.  This is a rather appropriate episode called 'A frosty day'.

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