Thursday, 20 January 2011

I want to be the girl with the most cake

On Saturday I popped into town and ventured to a wool shop I normally avoid because the lady behind the counter is a bit pushy.  In the past I’ve gone in for a ball of black wool, and walked out with lilac glittery mohair.  But I was glad I went in the shop because she had baskets full of bundles of braid for only 40p each.  I bought 9 bundles, then got home and wished I'd bought more.  A simple strip of braid trim can really transform a plain top into something special. 

Seeing as I was in town I went to Manning's (again, I know, it's getting to be a bit of an addiction at the minute) and bought a large chocolate sandwich cake with jam and fresh cream inside. 

It pretty much rained all weekend so I stayed inside.

I made my friend Emma a bag for her birthday using my new sewing machine.

I also made myself a quick headband.

On Sunday afternoon I braved the rain and nipped to the allotment.  The lock on the allotment gate broke in the cold weather, so I got in touch with the council and they came up and fitted a new one.

I picked some lovely leeks and kale, and a few mouldy sprouts.  

I’m not sure if I’ll bother growing many brassicas this year.  They’re a lot of hassle and I’m not a massive fan.  Although I’ll definitely grow curly kale again, as it’s very pretty, hardy and a good source of greens in the dark months of December, January and February, plus the pests don’t seem to hassle it much.

I’ve signed up for a permaculture course!  It’s one day a month for 12 months, with the option to do a further year of practical study leading to a diploma in permaculture.  I’m really pleased I found out about the course.  I’ve been looking for a local and affordable permaculture course for over a year now.  The people who’ve already done the course have given it some excellent reviews and the tutor seems very well qualified.  It starts in February.

I’ve also signed up to a dressmaking course, which is also once a month on a Saturday and starts in March.  In the first lesson we’re making a skirt.

We had some relatives over from Ireland last night and we went out for a meal to a local Italian restaurant.  Thankfully, I only had 2 glasses of wine, so I managed to escape a hang over at work.

I’ve been a regular subscriber to the Urban Dictionary word of the day email for a couple of years.  But I unsubscribed today.  The words have been rubbish recently, all about Facebook and TV programmes I don’t watch.

I’m getting into my Google Reader account, I’ve set it up with some good feeds, and I’ve already found some interesting articles through using it.

I'm still buying lots of books, and I've a growing pile of recent purchases that need filing on my bookshelves.

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