Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A-llot-ment, little achieved

I bought an amazing new bag from the shop on Friday.  It'd just arrived on the Shared Earth order, so it's fairly traded.  It was made by women in Nepal and is made of lots of little multi coloured felt balls.  I wore it when I went out on Friday night and I got lots of compliments.  I can't fit much in it apart from my phone and keys, so it's not entirely practical, but I couldn't resist buying it.

I bagged up 10 more bags of wild bird seed at the shop.  We've already sold enough to cover the cost of the seed, so we're into profit now.  So it's a win win situation - the birds get fed and the shop makes money. I also ordered some more sprouting seed germinators, as they're still selling really well, I might even buy one for myself.

On Friday night I went to the local environmental charity's post Christmas quiz.  The quiz was really hard and wasn't really aimed at people my age, and I felt a bit thick because I didn't really know many answers.  I started off drinking Guinness and moved onto whiskey.  My friend Leah made me try some smoked whiskey, we had a few different ones, but I can only remember the name of one - Laphroaig.  Smoked whiskey tastes amazing - just like bonfire smoke.  I'll have to invest in a bottle very soon

I've made some enquiries re organic seeds and feeds for the shop.  We need to make sure these are in stock for spring.

I weeded the border in the front garden on Saturday afternoon.  Last year's forget me nots have self seeded everwhere, so I thinned them out.  I also pruned the autumn fruiting raspberry canes in the back garden.  There's not much alive in the garden, with the exception of some pretty lilac violas, which seem to battle on through the harshest weather.

Then I sat on the doorstep with our cat and enjoyed the sunny weather.  Then something awful happened - an old man fell down the steps near my house, I heard him fall, then his wife cried out.  I went to get Chris and we ran down to help.  I had to call an ambulance and the man's leg was bleeding everywhere.  It shook us both us because it came out of the blue.  But we did our best to help.   I think he'll be OK, it was only a cut, but I think him and his wife were both in shock, bless him, he was 82 years old.

We watched the new Howard Marks film on Saturday night, it's pretty good, although I don't really undertand why Howard Marks is as famous as he is.

My Aunty Amy visited last week and she brought me some pressed flowers that my grandma has pressed inside a bible over 40 years ago.  They were very, very fragile flowers, and I think some had got damaged on the journey over from Ireland, so I made them into a little collage inside a frame to keep them safe.

I've finally taken some photos of the crocheted cacti that my friend Emma made for Chris.  They're pictured amongst our (real) cacti collection.

We nipped to the allotment on Sunday afternoon.  Chris dug over a few beds and I refilled all the bird feeders.

The birds are still getting through loads of niger seeds, mixed seeds and peanuts.  Shame that we never see many birds though, because as soon as we get to the allotment we scare them all off.  But if we sit in the new shed with the door closed it's like a bird hide and all the birds reappear again and we've seen tits and goldfinches through the shed window.

The rhubarb is doing well already.

Chris dug up some leeks.

It's time to start getting things ready on the plot, we want it all tidy, dug and manured ready for spring.  We made a list of all the things we need to do.  I also need to work out the plan for the plot, and what we're going to grow, bearing in mind that we want it as easy and as low maintenance as we can.  There's no point making hard work for ourselves, but I guess there's no avoiding the fact that allotments are hard work.  Like my Dad said "a-llot-ment, little achieved".

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