Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Frazzled myself in the sunshine

I had too much to drink on Thursday night and paid the price on Friday - I felt awful and I was sick.  It was really sunny so I sunbathed in the back garden without sunscreen for about 2 hours and burnt my chest and thighs to a frazzle, they were soooooo, soooooooo sore for days!  I'll not be drinking for a while put it like that, tee total time for me. And I'll be wearing sunscreen in future.

I concentrated on doing the back garden this weekend and planted out all the perennials, as well as the annuals including the sweet peas, cosmos and rudbeckia.  Let's hope Steve doesn't dig them all up!  I tidied up in the back garden too and took the cold frame down until next year.  The flowers that were left over have been shipped off to Chris's boss's wife and daughter, and I gave my mum some sweet peas and morning glory.

It was pay day so I treated myself to an Origins order, I needed some more Origins balanced diet moisturiser.  I've got greasy skin with dry bits and this is the only moisturiser which doesn't give me spots as I'm really prone to break outs.  I also got a face mask and some anti ageing moisturiser and they sent me a load of freebie testers too.

My Mum works in a charity shop and she spotted loads of little owls for our owl display in the shed.

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