Thursday, 11 August 2011

I've got a bike!

Two of our friends popped by unexpectedly just after tea on Friday evening.  So we sat out in the back garden for a bit, then took them down the allotment for a look around.  I got carrried away with the organic cider.  By 8pm I'd drunk 2 bottles and was drunk (it's strong stuff - 7%).  We came home and watched half of the film Submarine, but Chris fell asleep so I turned it off. 

On Saturday morning we went to pick up my new bike.  I got a Giant Revel 2 in grey.  We took the front wheel off and brought it home in the car boot.  It was raining though so I didn't go out on it straight away, but Chris had a little whizz round the block to check it was OK.

On Saturday evening I went to a BBQ with my mum (she asked me to go along for some company).  I didn't know many people there and it was a bit of a drag, full of lots of 'straight heads', well, that is, people who probably think I'm odd for not being the same as everyone else.  To be honest I was glad to get home.  I purposely wore a long black witchy dress, ha.

On Sunday I set off for the allotment about midday and stayed there until 4.30pm.  I gave everything a mega weed, feed and water.  We've invited our friends around for a lunar Lammas BBQ next Saturday, and we're going to harvest the corn and have a get together, so we want the allotment to look its best for our visitors.  Chris strimmed the overgrown paths and I filled two beds with leeks.

I treated myself to two books off Amazon - Marcella Hazan's ‘Essential Italian Cookbook’, which is very thick and comprehensive.  I've already picked up a few tips.  And I got ‘Off Camera Flash’ by Neil van Niekerk which I haven't really looked at yet.

I also ordered some oils from Neal's Yard - vetiver and a de-stress blend of ylang ylang and neroli. Mmmmmm.

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