Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

I volunteered in the shop on Friday afternoon, it was quite quiet, so we got chance to work on the leaflet for the shop.  Leah ordered in some organic oatmeal, so I've now got 5 bags of oatmeal at home (my Mum bought me 2 bags, and I also bought myself 2 bags - after not being able to find it anywhere I've now got an abundance of the stuff), so I'm well stocked up for making parkin cake for quite a while now.

On Saturday I popped into town and taxed my car and posted the rest of Matilda's birthday present (chocolate soap and bubble bath, the radio alarm clock was delivered straight to her house by Amazon).  Then I came home and chilled with the paper and listened to the radio - so I had quite a lazy day really.

I didn't end up going out for Halloween, I couldn't be bothered with trailing round lots of pubs drinking til the early hours, so at least I saved myself a bit of cash.

I finished off the arm warmers I'd been making.  I think I'll keep them for myself.  I didn't use a pattern, I just made it up as I went along.

I ordered some cream coloured eco wool chunky for my next knitting project.

The clocks went back an hour on Saturday night and I got an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, which was nice.  It went dark very early on Sunday night.

On Sunday it was Halloween.  In the morning we went to the flea market and I bought some old school Christmas gifts tags, which remind me of Christmasses when I was little.

I also bought some robins for our Christmas tree and a flower press.

 As well as a cool book about natural decorations.

Plus a useful encyclopaedia of perennials.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the park alone, and some picked leaves for my Dad's memorial garden. Last autumn my Dad pointed out a tree he liked, but I wasn't sure exactly which one it was, so I picked a selection of leaves.  It was a still and calm Halloween - could I feel some magic in the air?  It felt like something was going on.

Down at the allotment I picked all the beans which I'm going to dry out for use in winter stews.  They looked so pretty in lovely shades of purple and cream.

I also picked some curly kale but it had white bugs on the underside.

I picked some more chilies too.  To warm myself up I made a double choca mocha drink on the camping stove in the shed.

I left the leaves I picked in the park in my Dad's memorial garden.

After this I went to my Mum's for the veggie dish of the year!  She made 'Rockin Morrocan Stew' which was a very, very tasty recipe that my cousin Amanda gave to us.  It was taken from a Canadian cookbook.

When I got home Chris had carved the biggest pumpkin we'd grown  Chris has had a cold all week, and he's been coughing and spluttering.  Luckily I avoided catching it.

I used pumpkin candles inside the pumpkin.

We had a few trick or treaters at the door.  Then we watched the Halloween special of Psychoville, which was cool.  We also watched 'The Trip' starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon which was really funny, and filmed only a few miles away from us at the Inn at Whitewell.

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