Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's snowing! And a trip to see my sister

The two Glo Worm Snugbugs arrived from America, they only took one week in the post, which I thought was pretty quick.  I was really pleased with the one that was still in its original unopened packaging.  I opened it straight away!  It's so cute and it comes with a little pink sleeping bag.  It was one of my favourite toys when I was a child.

I also ordered Chris a birthday present off eBay.  I got him an 8mm silent comedy film for his 8mm projector as part of his birthday present.  It only cost £1 plus P&P.

I spent the weekend away at my sister's.  We didn't go out anywhere, but I spend lots of time with my 2 nieces, playing games, reading books and making lots and lots of pom poms.  My sister is a brilliant cook and she made a delicious macaroni cheese, chicken casserole, roast chicken, and Nigella's chocolate salted peanut bar.  We also put the girls' Christmas tree up in their playroom. 

It snowed whilst I was there and I was worried I might not be able to get home on the train because of the bad weather.  It was a rubbish train journey back as all my trains were delayed and the trains that did come were really busy, so I was relieved when I finally got home.  Steve French must have missed me whilst I was away, he followed my around all night, bless him.  I missed him too.

I got some glittery bird decorations from Paperchase, and a cute penguin from Marks and Spencers.

The temperatures have plummeted, and it also snowed at home over the weekend and last night, and my car wouldn't start this morning.  We tried to push it out of the car park but that didn't work.  I think the engine had seized up because I hadn't used it for 4 days.  The temperature has been as low as -6 degrees centigrade, and it's still November. I eventually got the engine going when I tried it a second time, but it stalled on my way into work and I panicked that I was going to break down.  Luckily I was OK. 

I've been worrying about the birds finding food in this cold weather.  I'm hoping to buy some bird food in bulk then bag it down and sell it in the shop.

Chris made sure all the birds at the allotment and at home were fed whilst I was away.  He's made a box in the kitchen for us to store our bird food and food scraps.

I've been enjoying Shaun Ryder in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', but I think the programme is cruel to animals.  I don't know how they get away with it really.

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