Thursday, 21 July 2011

The first rule of Jigsaw Club

It was chucking it down (again) on Saturday, which is always a bummer at weekend.  So we went to a local model shop and Chris bought some model equipment from the model train set section.  He got some moulds, some little bushes, tiny people, tiny traffic cones and a bunch of other stuff.

My Mum was back from her holiday in Spain, and she brought me back a mosaic owl, a cool beaded bracelet and some saffron.  I need to find some recipes that use saffron now.

I bought the first gladioli of the year.

The wet back garden.

Because of the wet weather I decided to do some knitting and made a start on these ‘owlings’ gloves.  I’m building up to the owls jumper.

We bought the Trailer Park Boys box set so we’ve been watching those – they’re sooooooo soooooo funny. 

We also watched Lee Mack’s latest comedy stand up DVD (not as good as the first one), and the best of Victoria Wood DVD (also not that great).

I had a play with my flash and experimented taking some shots of our living room.

We nipped to the allotment on Sunday and watered in the greenhouses.  We also picked some potatoes, peaches, a garlic and some onions.  The peaches may be small but they’re absolutely delicious!

On Tuesday night I went to ‘jigsaw club’ at my friend’s house.  This is basically a chance to get together and have a catch up whilst doing a jigsaw.  We did a glow in the dark Harry Potter jigsaw which was only 500 pieces, but pretty tricky due to lots of plain black areas.  I’m enjoying the parallels between jigsaw club and my favourite film Fight Club.  So we’ve come up with the following jigsaw club rules:

- One jigsaw at a time.   
- Jigsaws will go on as long as they have to.
 - If this is your first night at jigsaw club you have to finish the jigsaw. 
But I think we should forego the no shirts, no shoes rule!

We nipped to the allotment on Wednesday night to feed the plants in the greenhouses.  I also stripped off the leaves below the first truss on all the tomato plants to help ventilation.  We picked lots more goodies - onions, spring onions, more peaches, Emilie cucumber, blueberries, beetroot, carrots and the first few tomatoes – sungold and sweet million (I left one for my Dad). 

The sweetcorn is thriving and the cobs are swelling.

I had toast, organic cheese (from the shop) and a sungold tomato for supper.

As for the tomatoes, the choc cherry is doing well, the Ildi has loads and loads of flowers, I’m expecting it to produce crops of cherry tomatoes like bunches of grapes. 

Ferline and alicante are doing well, as is sungold.  Marmande is not doing as well (not as tall).  I had to pick off some rosada in greenhouse at home as they had a black bottom, maybe due to the damp weather.

I woke up on Thursday morning and took some scraps of cheese and some seed out to the bird table.  Imagine my shock to see the bird table knocked to the floor and a large pigeon dead on the floor next to it.  The poor thing has been attacked and killed by our cat Steve.  It was only a matter of time before he caught a bird, he's always stalking them.  Chris is going to make a taller bird table to help keep the birds safe.  What a shame for the poor pigeon.

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