Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thoughts of knitting

It's at this time of year I almost wish the weather was getting colder, because it gives me an excuse to knit. Knitting has sprung to mind because I've come to work in sandals and my feet are freezing! I wish I had a lovely warm pair of socks to put on. I don't like having cold feet. Patons are apparently discontinuing their eco wool chunky which is a real shame, it's such a lovely wool. My friend has sourced a yarn made from banana trees which is very soft and fluffy. I've just spotted cascade do an eco wool in loads of brill colours, but I'd need to check first to see how soft it is, I don't like scratchy wools. The Freedom eco wool was very scratchy and I wasn't too impressed with it.

I really want to make this owl jumper. I would treasure it forever and it would keep me sooooooo warm.

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