Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The blackthorn has blossomed, spring is officially here

There was a bit of falling out at the shop on Friday.  Nothing to do with me, it was the manager and another director arguing about there being too many volunteers and disagreeing over buying a refrigeration unit.  The director in question can be a bit childish and has a strop whenever things don't go his way.  They spent 90 minutes in the back room having a heated discussion about things.  I stayed out of the way and faffed with the gardening and window displays.  I think some people need to get a grip on their emotions and act more professionally, after all, we're trying to run a business.  Whilst I was at the shop I bought some more Faith In Nature chocolate shampoo and conditioner.  I really like it and it makes my brown hair very shiny and soft.  I tried the rosemary shampoo and jojoba conditioner, but there weren't as good as the chocolate ones (not for my hair type anyway).  I also got a 'shop local' shopping bag.

It was really super sunny all weekend.  The weather was great, and I ended up a little sunburnt, but I think the extra vitamin D will have done me good.

We planted the potatoes on Saturday morning (or should I say Chris planted them).  You can just see them in the top of this photo, we also planted the earlies and second earlies down next to the rhubarb.

The path down the side of the top greenhouse looks really clear.  How long is that going to last?  I bet it won't take long for the brambles to reclaim it.

I checked the damson tree and there still aren't any buds on it.  Our friend advised cutting off the dead branches, which I did, but there was no sign of life or green inside the branches, so it's not looking good.  It's a shame, as it was one of the last things my Dad planted at the allotment.  Chris said I shouldn't get upset though, because everything at the allotment is a testament to my Dad and there's still lots of plants alive that he planted, plus all the greenhouse and building work that he did.

I continued to dig the patch of land were the cabbages were.  I've not quite finished it yet, but I'm nearly done. 

The shallot shoots are up and looking well.  Some of the onions are up too.  The radish and beetroot seeds are up.

Leaves have started to grow on the peach tree.

Chris's chillies in the greenhouse are doing well but a slug has eaten some of the habanero seedlings.

The garlic's doing well.

I picked the first batch of rhubarb.

All the trees are coming into bud and spring has well and truly arrived, the blackthorn tree at the allotment has blossomed.

The primrose under which Joey my old pet bird is buried, has made loads of flowers.  It's got bird poo on it too, which is kind of appropriate.

The cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom. The blackbirds are nesting again in my Mum's back garden.

I hoovered my car on Saturday afternoon.  Then our neighbour mowed our front lawn and we tidied up the front garden.  It looks lovely now, and the forget me nots look great.

It was the Grand National horse race on Saturday.  I entered the sweepstake at work and Chris bet a tenner on a horse but neither of us won, my Mum won a tenner though.

I sat out and sunbathed for the rest of Saturday afternoon.  We had a lovely ice cream in a cornet with raspberry sauce, it was yum.  I'd taken a hayfever tablet earlier in the day, and I had a shandy in the afternoon, and the tablet must have reacted with the alcohol because I suddenly went really tired and had to go for a sleep.  I'm not going to bother with the hayfever tablets anymore.

I wore my new Native sunglasses on Sunday, which meant I had to put my contact lenses in too.  My hayfever was fine.

I took my car to be washed on Sunday morning.  I also nipped to the flea market but I didn't get anything.  Then my friend called and arranged to hijack my sunny Sunday afternoon. She's having boyfriend troubles and needed someone to talk to.  She visited the allotment then we chilled in the back garden and listened to Jarvis, and I helped her sow some seeds for her garden.  I'd plan to sow some seeds but I didn't get chance, so I feel behind with things now.  The plants in the back garden have come back to life.

The viola look lovely.

And the white drumstick primula looks great.

My Mum made a lovely veggie tea of stuffed peppers and salad, and we had baked rhubarb and ice cream for dessert.   Mmmmmm.

I've got Leaves of Grass, starring Edward Norton (twice) on DVD.  I can't wait to watch it, but I'm saving it for an evening where I can settle down and make the most of it seeing as I've waited so long for it to be released.   Chris is keen to watch it too.  I also ordered Stone on Blu-Ray, which for some crazy reason, I'm also saving.

I made a batch of my own cereal bars using a recipe from the River Cottage Cakes book (fruit, nut, honey and seed bars) on Sunday night.  I wanted a healthier alternative to shop bought cereal bars to take to work with me.  It's a good recipe, but I used figs, dates, walnuts and linseeds instead, but you could vary it with whatever combo of fruit, nuts and seeds that you fancy.  I ended up with 12 bars which will be plenty to last me all week at work, and there's enough for Chris to take some too.

Chris accidentally let someone's dog out of a house he was working at on Monday.  He chased it for an hour, before giving up and coming home.  He was so worried about it, but it turned out OK because the owners found it at 7pm that night.  He was so relieved, but he spent a full night worrying about it.

I watched Mean Girls on Film4 and I thought it was pretty good.

I've started doing some yoga by following a video called 'Yoga for dummies', I've done it twice and really enjoyed it.  It feels like it's doing me the world of good, especially my back.  I'm going to keep it up.

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