Sunday, 14 March 2010

A busy weekend at the allotment

'Major Tom', one of our fellow allotmenteers, gave us five gooseberry bushes on Saturday, so I dug up the overgrown area next to the right hand path to create a home for them.  It was tough going, compacted soil, with lots of weeds, bits of glass and stones.  Back breaking stuff, but worth it just for the thought of all the fruit crumbles I'll be able to make with the gooseberries, as well as the rhubarb that we planted last weekend (pictured).  I do love a good crumble.

Chris boarded around the raised beds, so they're nice and secure now, as well as oiling the wood and painting the new shed a lovely shade of forest green.

On Sunday I got a few more seeds planted in the greenhouse at home.  I sowed some more sweet peas, this time they're not in the electric propagator, just in a seed tray with a propagator lid, as well as some lobelia, Chinese forget me nots and cucumbers.  I noticed a few more seedlings have popped up, including the black eyed susans (microdot), some sweet peas, some more tomatoes and the dichondra.

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